Wednesday, 6 May 2020

L-5 Disability


L-5 Disability

One point question

1. What does incapacity mean?

2. What is social rehabilitation?
3. Where are the industrial houses for the blind?

Double marks questions
4. What is permanent disability?
5. What is functional disability?
6. What is the difference between permanent disability and temporary disability?
7. Write about any two causes of disability.

Three marks questions
8. Explain the reasons for disabilities arising from occupations.
9. Write a note on one of the following.
(A) Anthracnose
(B) Glass poisoning
(A) Cancer and asthma
 (C) First aid
10. Write about the India Red Cross Society.

Five marks questions
11. What is meant by 'rehabilitation'? Give full details about it.
12. Describe in detail the organizations that contribute to rehabilitation.