Wednesday, 6 May 2020

L-3 Occupations and Sports Awards in Physical Education


L-3 Occupations and Sports Awards in Physical Education


One point question

1. When the British came to India in large numbers, what kind of schools did they open to educate their children?

2. How old is the BPEd course?
3. When did physical education come into existence in India?
4. N.S. N. I. S. What is the full form of

Double marks questions
5. What are the qualifications required to receive the Arjuna Award?
6. Write about Certificate Course Enabled.
7. Write about Diploma in Yoga.
8. To whom is the Dronacharya Award given? Different numbered questions
9. What is the role of a visiotherapist for athletes?
10. Write about Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.
11. Write about the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award.

Five marks questions
12. What is sports training? Explain it briefly.
13. What is the significance of vocation and sports awards in physical education? Write a note about the existence of physical education in India.
14. What qualifications are required for the following courses? Take the time to do this course.
 (A) B.P. And
(B) d. P. Ed
(E) Certificate Course Enabled
 (S) Ph.D.