Wednesday, 6 May 2020

L-2 Sports Training


L-2 Sports Training


One point question

1. How many types of heating are there?

2. Write a revolution of the interval training method.
3. How is the word training learned used in sports? Double marks questions
4. Write the meaning of sports training.
5. Write a single objective of sports training.
6, What do you know about anatomy? Three marks questions
7. Write a note from one of the following.
(A) Physical fitness and technical skills
(E technical-efficiency
(C) Development of overall personality
8. How hot is it? What is the difference between psychological warming and physical warming?
9. Write about the principle of uniformity and separation.

Five marks questions
10. What is the cycle training method? Write it down too.
11. What is meant by cooling? Describe the cooling body.
12. What do you know about interval training?