Wednesday, 6 May 2020

L-1 Physical Fitness


L-1 Physical Fitness


One-marks questions:

1. What is the type of strength?

2. How many parts of physical fitness are there?
3. Describe short distance races.
4. Is sluggish flexibility high or smart flexibility?

Double marks questions:
5. What is medium-term tolerance?
6. What do you know about long-term endurance?
7. What do you know about sluggish flexibility?

Three marks questions:
8. Tolerance is divided into how many parts? Give detailed information about them.
9. Write down one of the day notes.
(A) Speed ​​(b) Flexibility (e

Five-marks questions:
10, What Do You Know About the Importance of Physical Fitness? Write in detail.
11. Write the meaning and definition of physical fitness.
12. Describe in detail the factors that affect physical fitness.